What We Do


Barn Farm relocates, restores, reclaims, salvages and customizes 18th and 19th century early timber frame barns, log houses, wagon sheds and more.

What makes Barn Farm different from others is that Barn Farm actually builds completely new timber frames out of existing old timbers. Barn Farm will make all new joinery to make a completely new structure using 18th and 19th century material and building techniques to leave a new footprint.

Owner and operator, Skip Yates, “…Started with playing around in barns as a kid. I was just fascinated by them. And started doing this. Just taking them down. To see how they were. The timber framing. To see the joinery. The joinery is the real attraction for me. Every timber framer has their own favorite joints and a way of doing things… So, I think it was the joinery that was the attraction.”

Based out of Eastern Pennsylvania about 40 miles North of Center City Philadelphia Barn Farm will travel the area and possibly across the country working on projects.